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Li Yuen YingHigher Diploma in Jewellery and Image Product Design

“ The Nation Of Etiquette” inspiration from HanFu which is traditional clothing of Han people. It reflects the ritual and attire culture of Chinese Confucianism and Confucian scholars' aspirations as well as combing from the essence of authentic Chinese cultural concepts. This is the muse of “ The Nation Of Etiquette”.

Champion (Student Group)The 21st Hong Kong Eyewear Design Competition

Nation of Etiquette

Yung Tsz ShanHigher Diploma in Jewellery and Image Product Design

Inspiration came from the Bamboo, one of the Chinese Art - Four Gentlemen (referring to four plants: the Plum Blossom, the Orchid, the Bamboo and the Chrysanthemum). The arm of the spectacle is like the tough and unyielding of the bamboo, the rounded lens represent the gentlemen’s moral - perseverance and diplomatic. It encourage people don’t go with the flow and think about its virtue.

1st runner-up (Student Group)The 21st Hong Kong Eyewear Design Competition

Four-Gentle Man

Lung CheongHigher Diploma of Jewellery and Image Product Design

“Rosy” means beautiful and gorgeous clouds. When a young lady is feeling shy, her cheeks turned rosy just like the clouds floating on her delicate face. This spectacle can be separated as facial accessories to decorate the rosy cheek and exuding the natural beauty of the young lady.

2nd runner-up (Student Group)The 21st Hong Kong Eyewear Design Competition


CHAN Pui-yi YoyoHigher Diploma in Fashion Design

Yoyo is always fascinated by the beauty of handicrafts. Complexly crafted is “Musubi”, traditional techniques such as bundling, weaving, tangling are layered into modern clothing and then adorned with traditional patterns from Japanese culture. With ropes tying different garments into one outfit, its silhouette smoothly combines both ancient and modern forms with a twist to remind viewers that there is always beauty in details if they learn to look close enough.

DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award


Chu Ka WingHigher Diploma in Interior Design

“Music Therapy Tea House” takes advantage of the site environment of Sha Tin Shing Mun River coastal - introducing sunlight to create a peaceful atmosphere and wind to drive the flowing sound. It references different principles of music instruments to create different natural sounds, using different inclined walls to control the spreading of the sounds. It creates a space to visitors away from the busy city, step by step.

Sliver (Student Group)International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers Global Awards Program (IFI GAP) 2020

Music Therapy Tea House

LUI Mei YeeHigher Diploma in Product Design

“Human Light” is a night light with a shape inspired by the image of two people hugging each other. For illumination, it can be put on a door handle or worn on the wrist as a bracelet when the user goes to the toilet in the middle of the night.

Bronze Award (Conceptual Group) (Student Division)Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2020

Human Light