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LIU Shing KaiHigher Diploma in Product Design

“REASY” simplifies the recycling process. The slender pillar shape of the bin is designed to save space. Narrowed midway, the design of its inner compartment could remind the users to compress the packaging before disposal. The bottom of the bin is equipped with a filter to drain water from washed packaging. The handy “REASY” allows users to carry it to public waste collection stations directly.

Silver Award (Conceptual Group) (Student Division) & Green AwardHong Kong Smart Design Awards 2020

"Reasy" combined type-recycling bins

Shahrukh KhanHigher Diploma in Fashion Design

“Fashion delivers stories which do not only recount history, but demonstrate how history has emerged”

“BLOSSOM” inspiration from the word ‘Blossom’. It show details on the structure, form and colors of blossoming flowers. Ruffle is the main design element in the collection, together with gradient colors, the ruffles are delicately inserted into the seam lines of wool fabric, creating a three dimensional textural effect representing full bloom of flowers. The collection also showed sensitive attention to wool fabric and embellishment details such as hand embroidery, felting and transfer printing. In order to remind people to appreciate the beauty, value and energy of handicraft craftsmanship and bring back the prosperity of handicraft culture.

CreateSmart Young Design Talent Special Award 2019DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award 2019


Aries,SinHigher Diploma in Fashion Design and Product Development

“Fashion is an attitude, not a gender”

The brand MODEMENT, pioneering gender-neutral, fluid, zero-waste fashion made in Hong Kong from natural, sustainable materials. In 2012 Aries designed costumes for the City Contemporary Dance Company, and in 2015 she created two installations for the Cantonese Opera Heritage Hall. Her first collection was shown at Hong Kong Fashion Week in 2013, and MODEMENT was showcased at Milan Fashion Week in 2017 and Paris Fashion Week in 2018.

Aries understands the importance of being international, but wants to keep her own identity while creating clothes in a more eco-friendly way.

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CreateSmart Young Design Talent Special Award 2019DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award 2019


So Chun Kit, JosephHigher Diploma in Fashion Design Menswear

“Fashion enlightens my life and changes me to become a better man”

“Awakening” was Joseph’s collection theme, because fashion has inspired him and changed his life, arousing a passion and gift for delicate handmade tailoring detail: unique pleat pressing patterns, intricate embroidery, draped free forms and asymmetrical cutting.

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HKDI Young Design Talent Award 2019DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award 2019


TSANG Yuen TingHigher Diploma in Jewellery Design and Technology

“Silk Road” was inspired by the Belt and Road Initiative, based on the 21st century maritime Silk Road, the Silk Road economic belt and the map of China, to symbolise the cultural and economic exchanges among different countries enabled by the Silk Road.

Champion - Students Group of Post-secondary Institutes or Design Institutes (Drawings)Hong Kong Fei Cui Design Biennial Contest

Silk Road