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ITALY: A New Collective Landscape is an overview of one hundred young Italian designers under-35 from which the overall image emerges as a plural and feasible model of society, where the notion of commoning draws on a myriad of new negotiations. Virtuous ways of thinking, being and producing, committed to giving back more than they take. Considering ourselves as part of the web of life, in which human and non-human, geological, biological and technological agents are interconnected, can design culture approach the notion of radical interdependence as a new field of action? Can design practice come up with concrete proposals to become a tool for social, ecological and political transition, producing workable visions aimed at designing kinder relationships? Curated by Angela Rui with Elisabetta Donati de Conti and Matilde Losi, the configuration of this exhibition highlights congruences with respect to three design virtues – systemic, relational and regenerative – knowing that this landscape could be reconfigured in a myriad of new readings and associations.  

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About ADI Design Museum

ADI Design Museum is one of the largest design museums in Europe, featuring 5,000 square meters of exhibition space dedicated to the prestigious Compasso d'Oro winning pieces. The museum serves as an informative and research-based platform, sharing the story of design with the general public while also acting as a reference point for the entire design community. It offers temporary exhibitions, spaces for business meetings, design conferences, and public events. 

The Compasso d'Oro collection showcases more than 2,300 products and projects, including 350 award winners and numerous honourable mentions. These remarkable pieces are featured in the museum's permanent exhibition, which offers to visitors a chronological exploration of every edition of the award from 1954 to the present. The museum's overall narrative is constructed through a variety of complementary materials. The presence of the actual objects is fundamental and essential, with original specimens displayed according to the date of the award. However, the ADI Design Museum exposes together with the object, original drawings, sketches, and studies by designers that shed light on the conception and initial development of projects. 

The collection is thoughtfully displayed along the museum's perimeter walls, seamlessly integrating with both current and upcoming temporary exhibitions. The permanent exhibition is designed to be adaptable, enabling the incorporation of new documentary materials in a well-planned and respectful manner that takes into account future discoveries and acquisitions. 

The museum also presents in-depth temporary exhibitions that captivate visitors from the moment they enter. These exhibitions unveil prototypes, technical studies, and the secrets behind the objects, companies, and designers that have contributed to the history of design. 

Public Engagement Activities

Marble Paint Workshop: The Italian Odyssey of Craftsmanship and Innovation

From Tradition to Transformation: Exhibition Guided Tour

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Systemic Design

Relational Design

Regenerative Design

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Master Lecture

Main Speakers:

Ms Angela RUI, Curator of “ITALY: A new Collective Landscape”,
Mr Emanuele FERRARO, Participating Designer of the Exhibition,
Ms Eugenia MORPURGO, Participating Designer of the Exhibition &
Mr Marco Da RE, Participating Designer of the Exhibition


18 January 2023 (Thursday) 


4:30 - 5:15 pm 





VTC Auditorium, Hong Kong Design Institute

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