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Feature Story

Blockchain 2.0 became possible by storing information and even software applications on individual blocks within the blockchain. "Smart contracts" determine what each block is capable of doing, and dApps (decentralised applications) provide an intermediary service with the necessary authority to carry out the terms of the contract. Like an application on your phone or a web service, dApps are software applications. The difference is dApps run on the blockchain and have all the security, immutability and provenance inherent in this decentralised and open technology. 

Combining NFT assets with dApp decentralised applications will make it possible to replicate much of the functionality currently found on the internet, albeit with an added layer of trust and autonomy to carry out secure and verifiable actions via dApps. While there are undeniable teething problems establishing blockchain ecosystems, this new functionality is predicted to serve as the foundation for a new digital business model. It is a business model designed specifically for the digital economy, one that provides all the essential elements allowing trusted and secure business