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Swiss Inspiration:
Design Thinking to Design Doing
 in the Digital Age
14th-18th October 2019

Recommended for managers, entrepreneurs, educators and creative thinkers who are in the position of changemakers to extract the best possible work.
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The joint continuous education of HKDI and ZHdK aims 2019 for a new horizon. We offer certified training workshops in different modularized formats, focusing on the Industry 4.0 (RTTP) scheme. Since the education is modularized, all workshops can be attended separately. 

What is “Design Thinking Initiator”?

Professional Training Workshops

“Design Thinking Initiator” Certificate supplement to training Workshops

About ZHdK

Workshop Schedule

Course Fees

Financial Aid


Sponsors and Supporting Organisations

Industry 4.0: Business Travel Week to Switzerland

What is “Design Thinking Initiator”?

An initiator has the ability to discover and describe an important topic or problem and initiate a change process with design thinking, that engages both: users and initiators. To improve or innovate, design methods and participative involvement are applied. This covers a broad range of areas and perspectives, the challenges of sustainable economic, technical and societal development and the pathways towards desirable futures. This year, we are focusing in a broad sense on the challenges and opportunities brought forth by Industry 4.0.

The programme delivers in-depth knowledge, interactive workshops and hands-on experiences for various Hong Kong business sectors, for authorities, companies and institutions. We focus on how design thinking could initiate solutions for complex future tasks, regarding Industry 4.0. This year we offer three different training formats: Professional Training Workshops, a “Design Thinking Initiator” Certificate, Corporate Training and Business Design Week travel to Switzerland (March 2020).

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Professional Training Workshops, led by Swiss Experts

Seven highly interactive one or two-day workshops (each day 2 to 3 parallel workshops repeated the other day, plus the “Design Thinking Challenge - Workshop 3”) in the week of October 14th. The workshops address different sectors in the Hong Kong industry, government and institutions. The topics anticipate how the operating environment might alter as a result of various changes in the society, industry and economy. We focus on how design thinking can be used as a method to cope with these upcoming challenges. Upon completion of the workshops, participants will receive the attendance certificate of respective workshops from ZHdK.

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“Design Thinking Initiator” Certificate supplement to training Workshops 
Code: DTI2019

Those who participate in at least two workshops (WS1-WS7) and are interested to write a 20-page thesis on a specific design thinking case in your own company or institution will have additional 3 hours on-site mentoring and 5 hours individual online tutoring from ZHdK experts. Submission of thesis work by the end of December, individual feedback will be provided by the experts online. Upon completion of the thesis, participants will receive the Certificate “Design Thinking Initiator” from ZHdK by the mid 2020.

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About ZHdK

Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) is one of the leading Universities renowned for its Strategic Thinking and Design Innovation programmes and teaching experts. In 2018, Switzerland is again top of the class in the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Global Competitiveness Index – for the ninth year in a row – narrowly ahead of the United States and Singapore. The collaboration between HKDI and ZHdK is one-step further to strengthen the connection between the two competitive places in the world while enhancing the global competitiveness of Hong Kong.

The city of Zurich lies in the heart of Europe and simultaneously represents the center of Switzerland’s service business, design and arts scene. Hosting national networks such as Digital Switzerland 2025 and caring for a vibrant community for startups and innovation, the Design Department of ZHdK relies on a broad prominent international network of partners, be it major corporations like AUDI, SWATCH, IKEA, and others. As one of the most diverse University of arts in Europe, ZHdK has a long lasting tradition and viable experience inspired by their Swiss ethics in building ecosystems by welcoming individual point of views equally in order to build a superior whole.

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Professional Training Workshop Schedule

Each workshop is a full-day workshop (7.5 hrs), except WS1 Social Innovation (2-day workshop; 15hrs).
Only one workshop can be applied and attended per day.

     Parallel Workshops

Oct 14

Oct 15

Oct 16

Oct 17

Oct 18

WS 1  Design Thinking for 
           Social Innovation

2-Day Workshop
Code: WS1




WS 2  Industry 4.0:
           Production for Tomorrow

Code: WS2-D1
Code: WS2-D2




WS 3  Design Thinking Challenge
           (with the Swiss Team)

Code: WS3-D1





WS 4  Trends and Future


Code: WS4-D2

Code: WS4-D3



WS 5  Design Leadership:
           A Blueprint for Future Work




Code: WS5-D4

Code: WS5-D5

WS 6  Smart Textiles (RTTP ready)




Code: WS6-D4

Code: WS6-D5

WS 7  Digital Branding and
           Marketing (RTTP ready)


Code: WS7-D4

Code: WS7-D5

1.  Daily Schedule: 3 sessions per day per workshop (AM 9-12:30, PM 2-5 and Conclusion PM 5-6)
2.  Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP) Government Subsidy is now available for WS6 and WS7
     - Successful applicant (company) could reimbursed two-third of the course fee paid. 
     - Each company is subject to a funding ceiling of HK$500,000 in each financial year at the course commencement date.

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Course Fees

     Package  2-day WS
 (WS 1)
 1-day WS
 (WS 2-7)
 Design Thinking 
 Initiator Certification
Standard Rate

 HK$4,980  HK$3,120  HK$14,000  Sep 10 (Tue)
 Group Discount 15% off 
 (3 or more Applicants) or

 (3 or more workshops)
 HK$4,230  HK$2,650  -  Aug 10 (Sat)
 VTC / HK Government Dept
 Staff or Supporting Org.
 Members 15% off

 HK$4,230  HK$2,650  -  Aug 10 (Sat)
 Early Bird 

 10% off  HK$4,480  HK$2,800  HK$12,600  Aug 24 (Sat)
 5% off  HK$4,730  HK$2,960  -  Aug 31 (Sat)

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Financial Aid 
The course has been included in the list of registered public courses under the
Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP). It is a funding scheme under
the Innovation and Technology Fund by the HKSAR Government.
- Successful applicant (company) could reimbursed two-third of the course fee paid.
- Each company is subject to a funding ceiling of HK$500,000 in each financial year at the
  course commencement date. Detail  



Apply via Online or Form

Online Application
   Click the respective workshop code to apply.

     Workshop  WS 1  WS 2  WS 3  WS 4  WS 5  WS 6  WS 7  DTI
 WS Code
 WS1      WS2-D1  WS3-D1  WS4-D2  WS5-D4  WS6-D4  WS7-D4  DTI2019
     WS2-D2    WS4-D3  WS5-D5  WS6-D5  WS7-D5  

Application Form
Payment Methods
Programme Leaflet
Programme Poster

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Clover Group International ltd.
Intimate Apparel Journal (IAJ)
Mainetti (HK) Limited
Ming Foundation
M Moser Associates
SBS Zippers


Supporting Organisations

Consulate General of Switzerland in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC)    
Design Council of Hong Kong (DCHK) 
Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI)
The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong (CMA)
Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong (IDSHK)
Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council (HKYIC)
International Jewellery Designer Association (IJDA)
Hong Kong Jewellery Manufacturers’ Association (HKJMA)
Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association (HKJJA)
The Gemmological Association of Hong Kong(GAHK)
Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Trade Association (HKF&DA)
Hong Kong Interior Design Association (HKIDA)
The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA)
Hong Kong Intimate Apparel Industries' Association (HKIAIA)
Fashion Farm Foundation (FFF)
Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA)
Hong Kong Apparel Society (HKAS)
Hong Kong Institution of Textile and Apparel (HKITA)
The Federation of Hong Kong Watch Trades and Industries Ltd. (FHKWTI)
Hong Kong Watch Manufacture Association (HKWMA)
Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers (HKIPP)


Industry 4.0: Business Travel Week to Switzerland
5-day training (March 2020)
Suitable for Senior Management from Government units, Institutions, NGO and Business

Business travel week to Switzerland visiting institutions and industries to provide a deeper insight into the Swiss Industry 4.0 strategy. This will cover the two cities Zurich and Geneva and will provide valuable insights into business, industry, education, administration, and research. We will visit research and education institutions as ETH, EPFL, ZHdK, ZHAW, administrational institutions, companies from the watch and jewellery industry, food industries and medical/healthcare services. The business travel focusses on how Swiss companies and institutions deal with Industry 4.0 and Design Thinking topics. The participants will get a deeper insight into education, real cases and strategies during this 5-day study trip with training. 

If you are interested in this unique opportunity, please contact us at

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HKDI reserves the right to make changes to the schedule, course content and advertised course information.