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HKDI Inspire: Design Thinking 2018 

Design Thinking and Innovation Week by ZHdK x HKDI   

4-7 October 2018

HKDI collaborates with ZHdK (Zurich University of the Arts), a leading University renowned for its long design tradition and innovation potential. ZHDK still produces worldwide acclaimed design talents and innovations. Fostering this, it has a broad range of  teaching experts. Design as a discipline has the power to tackle problems by using Design Strategies and Design Thinking. The objective of the four day program is to advance the application of design methods in resolving complex real life problems in the commercial world and the society at large beyond the design domain. As cornerstones, the four day program  touches Design&Economy, Design&Identity, Design&Socitey, Design&Technology. With this we target the managerial level executives, creative industries, public services, and educators from primary through tertiary institutions, to echo the Hong Kong government’s recent initiative. This strategic partnership aims at building Hong Kong as a hub of a future oriented design culture, embedding design methods, design thinking and design strategies in Asia.

Programme Overview

Interview with ZHdK and Participants


     About the Programme
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     - Echo the HK Government's Recent Initiative
     - About ZHdK
     - Programme Contents
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Free Sessions
- Opening cum Keynote Seminar
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Day 1: Design and Economy
Day 2: Design and Identity
Day 3: Design and Society
Day 4: Design and Technology

WHY Design Thinking?

In the course of societal and technological change and global challenges, design has transformed itself from a product-oriented discipline to a holistic approach to solve complex economic and social issues. Using Design Thinking as a creative problem-solving process based on proven methods and frameworks from the designer’s toolkit, enables us to develop new and more sustainable solutions. Key elements like radical customer centricity, diversity and experiments allow us to start with the needs of people and then combine them with requirements for business success, ideally enhanced by the possibilities of technology.

Looking from the side of education, design carries a broad set of valuable methods and approaches for the training of professionals, covering various requirements future jobs will face. Design can turn technologies into user-friendly and playful experiences. Design can unleash creative potential to tackle societal challenges and provoke social innovation with participative methods. Design creates meaningful and recognizable identities that can help to identify and orientate. In any way: Design Thinking is the source of innovation for various fields in our society and economy. The mind shift from problem solving to enabling potential is therefore a cornerstone in future design activities.

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About ZHdK
Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) is one of Europe’s largest universities of art. It offers degree and research programs in design, film, fine arts, music, dance, theatre, and art education for over 2700 students and 650 teaching staff on a purpose-built campus designed to provide an excellent environment for teaching and learning. The city of Zurich lies in the heart of Europe and simultaneously represents the center of Switzerland’s service business, design and arts scene. Hosting national networks such as Digital Switzerland 2025 and caring for a vibrant community for startups and innovation, the Design Department of ZHdK relies on a broad prominent international network of partners, be it major corporations like AUDI, SWATCH, IKEA, and others. As one of the most diverse University of arts in Europe, we have a long lasting tradition and viable experience inspired by our Swiss ethics in building ecosystems by welcoming individual point of views equally in order to build a superior whole.

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Programme Contents

Date: Oct 4-7, 2018 (Thu to Sun)
Venue: HKDI
Medium of Instruction:  English
Notes: Day Pass covers all programmes in the selected dates. However, there are 2 parellel workshops in specific time slots. Every workshop has limited seats, first come first served.

Day 1 - Design and Economy (Thursday, 4 Oct)               Details to read
AM 10 - PM 12:30 PM 2-5 Evening 7-9

# Opening the 4 Days of Design thinking at HKDI

Venue: A001

Max 35 pax

Venue: C623A

WS 4: 
Seminar 2: The value of Design

Stefano Vannotti
Danica Zeier

Venue: LW003


#WS 1: 
Keynote Seminar: Innovating in Turbulent Times

Susan Evans

Venue: A001

WS 3: Designing Business Ecosystems

Danica Zeier
Max 35 pax

Venue: C623B

# Opening cum Keynote Seminar is open to the public. Free of charge. Online registration is available. Click Here


Day 2 - Design and Identity (Friday, 5 Oct)                       Details to read
AM 9-12 PM 2-5 Evening 6pm
WS 5: Identity and diversity in global branding and communication

Peter Vetter
Max 50 pax

Venue: C623B
Max 35 pax

Venue: C714d


WS 7: Economy 4.0: Challenges for branding, design and communication?

Peter Vetter
Max 35 pax

Venue: C623A


Day 3 - Design and Society (Saturday, 6 Oct)                   Details to read
AM 9-12 PM 2-5 Evening 7-9
WS 8: Art and Design as a source for Social Innovation

Karin Zindel (Urban), Nuria Krämer (Art) and Daniel Späti (Culture)
Max 50 pax

Venue: C714d


WS 10: Tangible Experiences

Joel Gähwiler
Max 35 pax

Venue: C714c


Day 4 - Design and Technology (Sunday, 7 Oct)                 Details to read
AM 9-12 PM 2-5 Evening 7-9

WS 12A: Science Toys - Science Tools
An exploration of experiences with Air.

Noemi Chow
Max 25 pax

Venue: C714c

Noemi Chow, Aela Vogel
Max 35 pax

Venue: C714d

Prof. Michael Krohn, HKDI representative

Open to Public

Venue: LW003

WS 12B: Design Thinking for Wicked Problems

Stefano Vannotti, Danica Zeier
Max 25 pax

Venue: C714d

WS 14: How digitalisation changes the culture of objects and services in our society

Prof. Michael Krohn
Max 35 pax

Venue: C714c

# Seminar 4 is open to the public. Free of charge. Online registration is available. Click Here

A001: G/F, Tower A, HKDI
C623A / C623B: 6/F, Tower C, HKDI
C714d: 7/F, Tower C, HKDI
LW003: G/F, Lee Wai Lee Building, HKDI

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