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Certificate in Aerial Shooting 

Course Code
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Study Mode
QF Registration No.
Full Fee
VPlus Creative Industries
QF Validity Period
01/09/2019 - 31/08/2026
Early Bird Fee (10%off)
Teaching Language
English supplemented with Cantonese 
Early bird deadline please refer to course details  

*Fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable unless the course is cancelled.


One-stop Solution:  Aviation Law and Safety, Flight SimulationOutdoor Practice, Assessment and Video Editing

Suitable to photographers, architects, construction surveyors and those who would like to equip board range of profession-specific knowledge and skills for the safe and effective use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems.

Course Strength

  • Certificate in Aerial Shooting is recognized under the Qualifications Framework (QF):
    QF level 4, QR Registration No.: 19/001112/L4, Validity Period: 01/09/2019 to 31/08/2021
  • Accredited professional training at QF Level 4, widely recognized by HK Government and employers.
  • Vplus Creative Industries subsidy scheme - Successful applicants can be reimbursed 60% of the tuition fees paid,
    up to a maximum of HK$36,000.
  • Co-organised with the Hong Kong Professional Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Association (HKPUAVA) which is registered under the government and obtain its service permit.
  • 1 Course, 2 recognisable certificates: VTC Certificate and UASO Certificatewith identification card. Learners could apply for the "Operations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)" permission from the Civil Aviation Department.
  • 1 UAV drone per student for field training.
  • Interactive training from professional knowledge, application to operation.
  • Training covers different types of drones: from Phantom to DSLR Camera carrier grade.
  • Graduates can become members of the HKPUAVA.
  • Learners can buy the UAV at special price thru UASO, includingDJI, YUNEED, ZEROTECH.

Course Content


  • Use cases of different types of drone
  • Principles of flight
  • The flight environment
  • Human factors affecting flight operations
  • Flight planning, pre-flight checks and navigation
  • Aviation law for unmanned aerial vehicle


  • Practical flying with UAV
  • Camera training practice 
  • Light and photography 
  • Framing and composition 
  • Practical footage capture and post-production for broadcasting media industries
  • Aerial shooting footage post-production

Advanced Aerial Photography / Videography Techniques

  • Appreciation of aerial photography / videography
  • Application of aerial photography: super panoramas, 360 spherical panorama, alternative photographic process, etc.
  • Creation of advanced aerial videography: eg time-lapse, facial recognition, etc.

Expected Learning Outcome

On completion of the course, learners are expected to be able to:

  1. Work effectively as an individual professional or in a team by employing unmanned aerial system operation skills and a broad range of aerial shooting techniques; and
  2. Apply design and strategic approaches for producing high quality aerial digital cinematography

Entry Requirements

Basic Qualification
    - Five HKDSE subjects at Level 2 or above, including English and Chinese Languages, or equivalent; or
    - Five HKCEE subjects at Grade E / Level 2 or above, including English and Chinese Languages, or equivalent; or
    - Completion of a QF Level 3 programme that is deemed acceptable to the respective Programme Board; or
    - Relevant RPL qualification(s) at QF Level 3 or above AND a pass in an entrance assessment, which can be either oral or written; or
    - Other relevant verifiable prior learning and/or work experience that is/are deemed appropriate by respective Programme Board AND a pass in an entrance assessment, which can be either oral or written.

(b) Applicants are required to have at least 1 year relevant working experience.
(c) Basic knowledge or experience of photography/ videography is preferred.
(d) An interview may also be required on need basis.

Mature Applicants
Mature applicants, i.e. those aged 21 or above with at least two years’ relevant working experience, can be admitted. Where appropriate, the applicant may be required to pass an entrance assessment, which can be in an oral and/or written form.

Documents Required for Application
1) Completed Application Form (Online)
2) Upload Copy of proof for Academic Qualifications
3) Upload Copy of proof for Working Experience 
4) Works of digital photography / video may be required

Lecturer: Rex Ngan

Rex, founder of Hong Kong Professional Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Association, has rich experience in training many organisations to control the UAV. He was also involved in the research of UAV with universities. He is a minority of people who have been authorised to be the trainer of UAV training in Hong Kong and Asia. Rex has studied intensively in radio control drones and mechanical operations since 2003. Furthermore, he is the earliest person selling and using UAV with GPS function in HK.

Rex has accumulated over 3000 flight hours, with the experience providing commercial and training services such as aerial shooting, survey, generating 3D models for the government, TV broadcasting companies, construction firms and universities.


 Intake Content  Discount Deadline
 Lecture & Theory  Outdoor Practice  Video Editing Assessment
 Intake 9 (Full)  2021 Jan 30, 31  2021 Feb 3, 5  2021 Feb 20  2021 Feb 24  2020 Dec 18
 Intake 10 (Full)  2021 Apr 17, 18  2021 Apr 21, 23  2021 Apr 24  2021 May 5  2021 Feb 26
 Intake 11 (Full)  2021 Jun 5, 6  2021 Jun 9, 11  2021 Jun 27 (Sun)  2021 Jun 30  2021 Apr 23
 Intake 12 (Full)  2021 Aug 7, 8  2021 Aug 11, 13  2021 Aug 22 (Sun)  2021 Aug 25  2021 Jun 25
 Intake 13 (Full)  2021 Oct 16, 17  2021 Oct 20, 22  2021 Oct 31  2021 Nov 3  2021 Aug 27
 Intake 14 (Full)  2021 Nov 21, 27  2021 Dec 1, 3  2021 Dec 11
 2021 Dec 17
 2021 Oct 22

Remark: 30 hrs of training with 5 additional hrs for video editing (total: 35hrs)

Lecture & Theory:
Time: Sat & Sun, 10-1pm; 2-5pm
Venue: HKDI, Computer Lab

Outdoor Practice:
Time: Wed & Fri, 10-1pm, 2-5.30pm
Venue: Sai Kung

(Additional) Video Editing:
Time: Sat & Sun, 10-1pm, 2-4pm
Venue: HKDI, Computer Lab

Time: Wed, 10-1pm, 2-4pm
Venue: Yuen Long


Full Fee: HK$12,000
Early Bird Discount: HK$10,800 (10% off)
Vplus Creative Industries Subsidy: HK$4,320 (Saved HK$6,480)

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