1-20 Textile + Project 2020 – The only limitation is imagination


In this seminar, Ms. Mary Ma shared on the past two projects in detail especially on material exploration of the possibility of ONE fabric only, i.e. 100% Polyester and design thinking process of their designers at the remoulding and re-creation of this single material through contemporary and interesting means with infinite possibilities so that the textile could reach the maximum of its potential and possibility.

Ms Mary Ma, also known as Ms Daixia Ma, has been devoting in Textile research and development since 1998, specialized in functional textile development and application. Ms. Ma has consulted for many international leading brands in textile innovation and growth. In 2015, Ms. Mary Ma established the Textile Library, which was officially opened to the public since November 2016. As a non-profit service platform, the Textile Library has dedicated itself to design creatively with material-focused and recreate materials through contemporary and interesting techniques which lead to unlimited possibilities.

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