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HKDI x IVE (LWL) Emerging Design Talents 2020 Virtual Exhibitions Show


HKDI presents our annual graduation show Emerging Design Talents 2020 with the theme of "Design for Well-Being”, is presented by graduates with a curated selection of cross-discipline works ranging from Fashion and Image Design, Communication Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Digital Media, Information Technology, etc. Graduates create those design works to reflect the social needs of today and promote better living. The show serves as a vehicle to inject positive energy into society and promote a better quality of life.

Special online programmes include a series of exhibitions, live shows, and screenings. Live shows featured two fashion and image shows - “The Revolutionary Image of the New Generation” and “New Fashion Force” produced by proudest graduates from the Department of Fashion and Image Design. Graduates from the Department of Communication Design also hosted a virtual graduation show, followed by a post-show panel discussion with leading industry partners and distinguished alumni. Moreover, graduates from the Department of Digital Media will perform live in “Music in Motion 2020” and “Unleash Your Musical Self” with showings of music videos as well as screening the “Beyond Imagination” with movies and animations.

Our website showcases and celebrates the achievements of our graduates across over 40 programmes, if you are an employer looking for design talents, please visit the Graduate Directory.

Please visit our EDT 2020: 

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