Three HKDI Graduates won DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award Emerging Designers to pursue studies overseas boosting Hong Kong’s Creative Industry

Fashion & Image Design

Three Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) graduates whose imagination and creativity have broken new ground in fashion and their creative collections won the “HKDI Young Design Talent Award”, “CreateSmart Young Design Talent Award” and “CreateSmart Young Design Talent Special Award” respectively as organised by Hong Kong Design Centre.  The total amount of three scholarships has reached up to HK$1 million, allowing the awardees to study further or undertake work placement overseas.

Ignite Love of Design, This Is It!  
Joseph SO Chun-kit, HKDI graduate of Higher Diploma in Fashion Design Menswear, was the champion of the "HKDI Graduation Works Exhibition 2019" and also awarded the "Hong Kong Design Institute Youth Design Talent Award” with the same collection series “Awakening”.  Driven by love of fashion design, he described that fashion has fundamentally enlightened and changed his life.

Before starting his studies of Higher Diploma in Fashion Design Menswear at HKDI, Joseph has worked for a bespoke tailor shop where his passion in menswear design has been ignited by the craftsmanship of veteran tailors in the shop. He thus determined to further his studies in the fashion design field. Joseph said HKDI’s holistic and systematic approach to teaching as well as the teachers’ professional and dedicated coaching had sparked his inspiration for fashion design. He created the award-winning menswear series "Awakening" based on his story of pursuing dream.

Joseph is good at applying traditional craftsmanship into contemporary casual wear. With Joseph’s signature and unique pleated patterns, fine embroidery technique and asymmetrical tailoring, “Awakening” reaped high recognitions. With the DFA scholarship, Joseph planned to gain professional experience and to learn from suit masters in the UK, paving the way to his career in fashion design.

Keep Fighting for Dreams
HKDI graduate of Higher Diploma in Fashion Design, Shahrukh KHAN, bagged the "DFA CreateSmart Young Design Talent Special Award” with his collection series “Blossom”. Uniquely crafted with lotus leaf trimmed ruffles and wool fabric which highlighted the composition, shape and colour of flowers, “Blossom” carries out feminine beauty. To bring out fabrics layer with rich and vibrant colours like blooming flowers, Shahrukh insisted in working out the bleaching, transfer printing, and patchwork with original fabrics on his own, replacing pre-dyed fabrics. After more than 40 times of trials, he eventually created the ideal fabrics for his work which gained  him the first runner-up and “Best Women’s Design Award” in “HKDI Graduation Works Exhibition 2019”. 

Originated from Pakistan, Shahrukh is now studying a bachelor’s degree programme at a local university, majoring in design-related discipline. With the scholarship, Shahrukh would like to further his studies in Europe to gain experience in advanced women wear design and establish his own fashion brand after returning to Hong Kong. He is an admirer of local traditional tailoring craftsmanship, thus he would like to make contributions to conversing local tailoring, fashion and textiles craftsmanship. Shahrukh also aims to advance his knowledge in eco-friendly design concepts including upcycling, local sourcing and plant dyes extraction, and also knowledge of business operations. 

Bringing “Made in Hong Kong” to EU and US Markets
Aries SIN Mei-yuk, HKDI graduate of Higher Diploma in Fashion Design, won the "DFA CreateSmart Young Design Talent Award" under the “Design Practitioner” category. Aries shared that the training she received from HKDI laid solid foundation for her career, and her debut collection unveiled at Hong Kong Fashion Week in 2013. She is keen on building up pioneering gender-neutral, fluid, simple yet vivid fashion brand with natural and sustainable materials.  Aries founded her own brand MODEMENT, a high-end fashion brand, which gained global presence at the renowned Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Aries’ latest personal collection "SS 2.0" featured with unique three-dimensional effect by adopting laser cut technology.

Aries has been reaping a number of awards from the industry, including “40  under 40 - the Next Generation of Design Talent” awarded by Perspective Magazine, being  named as “Asian Top Fashion Designer of The Year (Prêt-à-Porter Category)” by Fashion Asia China. She expected that digital production and online marketing would be the future trend of the fashion industry. Instead of traditional fashion business model that relying on offline stores sales, Aries promotes her “Made in Hong Kong” brands in the international market with a hybrid business mode: combining pop-up shops and off-season shows with online sales strategies. Having won the award, Aries said she planned to use the scholarship for undertaking industrial attachment abroad and leverage the experience gained to coach and train up young designers and students in Hong Kong in the future.

DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award nurtures local young designers 
DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award (DFA HKYDTA) as one of the programmes of DFA Awards organised by the Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) in 2005, aims to support and nurture local up-and-coming designers and design graduates. Awardees may receive sponsorship to undergo overseas work attachment in renowned design companies or study in overseas institutes to unleash their potential and contribute to Hong Kong’s design and creative industry development upon their return.

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