Design Thinking Education Day


26 April 2019, Friday 
Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)

Lecture Room A002-3, G/F


Design thinking is a user-centred, innovative problem-solving approach that not only has relevance in the creative industries but is applicable in all sorts of different ways in our society. Situating between the arts and the sciences, design thinking is a creative process that puts people squarely at the centre, creating solutions that are feasible, viable as well as desirable. In an increasingly complex and unpredictable world, design thinking is emerging as one of the most important 21st century skills. The World Economic Forum predicts that the top three skills needed to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution in 2020 are complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity – all of which are core ingredients of design thinking. How might we inject design thinking into general education? We invite education professionals who are working at primary, secondary and tertiary levels to come to the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) to share and explore this topic.

0930-1230 - Workshop 1 - Design Thinking in Learning & Teaching 
(By Edwin Wong in Cantonese)
Venue: D823AB, HKDI
The workshop is designed to meet the needs of education professionals by adopting an experiential learning approach using a mix of tangible and intangible media. The workshop will enable participants to create education projects that would facilitate fruitful learning journeys for students to enhance their knowledge and skills for collaboration, divergent thinking, and innovative problem solving.

0930-1230 - Worskhop 2 - Integrating Design Thinking in the Curriculum
(By Anjali Kelkar in English)
Venue: A002, HKDI
How might we encourage human entered curricula development so students are equipped to solve real problems for real people? Traditional Design curricula has been developed by discrete subjects that focus on arts and sciences. While these have typically produced excellence in skill based crafts, the world has become increasingly global and connected. Our curricula therefore needs to include in it an ecosystem approach leveraging skills and knowledge from multiple disciplines.
This is a hands-on workshop designed for primary- and secondary-level educators.

0930-1230 - Worskhop 3 - Integrating Design Thinking in the Curriculum
(By Sandra Wong In Cantonese)
Venue: A003, HKDI

1400-1615 - Talks
Venue: A001, HKDI

Design Thinking in the classroom 
(By Edwin Wong in Cantonese)
The sharing will introduce the principles of design thinking in education and how its methodology could be implemented into different disciplines of higher education as well as its effectiveness regarding learners’ competences and the learning process.

Bridging the Gap in Design Education 
(By Anjali Kelkar in English)
How do designers think and work? Many variations on the theme abound. Designers are often stereotyped as ‘artistic types’ whose work is fuelled by random sparks of inspiration and are purveyors of good taste. However, an empathetic approach is ever more relevant: how observing and understanding people’s behaviours can spark insights and generate innovative solutions that truly address people’s needs and create real value. This talk will share our experience at HKDI in transitioning emerging designers who are have a tendency to be inwardly focussed to becoming people focussed.


About the Speakers

Anjali Kelkar is Lead Instructor at Luma Institute and Founder and Director of Studio for Design Research, a Hong Kong based innovation and design thinking practice which applies human-centred methodologies to deliver organisational transformation, workspace strategy and social innovation. Anjali has lived, studied and worked in seven countries and 11 cities, and has over 25 years of design thinking consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies globally. Anjali’s clients represent a cross section of industries including the Hong Kong SAR Government, Hong Kong Design Center, China Guardian, Li & Fung, Lenovo, Philips Electronics, Steeclase, Proctor & Gamble, Kraft, TTI, Shangri La group, AIA, Cummins, SC Johnson etc.

Edwin Wong is currently Lead Facilitator of the HKDI Design Thinking Team and Programme Leader of the Professional Certificate in Design Thinking programmes at the Hong Kong Design Institute. Edwin has been practicing design thinking since 1992 as art director in various creative firms. Having accumulated some years of industry experience, he has devoted himself to tertiary education in the past decade with a focus on human-centred innovation and design pedagogy. With a cross-disciplinary approach to design thinking, Edwin provides training and consultancy services for such organisations as the Hong Kong Police College and Education Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government, and is also a researcher with an interest in studying the processes and effectiveness of design thinking.

Dr Sandra Wong Kwok-Kei is a Facilitator of the HKDI Design Thinking Team. She is a professional practitioner, lecturer and researcher in design and visual communication context. She was awarded her PhD from the world-renowned University of the Arts London. She is currently the Programme Coordinator and Discipline Leader of the top-up degree programmes of VTC. Her academic role involves programme planning and development in various design subject areas. Sandra has over two decades of design thinking experiences, and her professional practice provides strategic concept and creative direction for clients in both commercial and governmental sectors. She has organised co-curricular activities to build awareness and broaden the knowledge in design, social and cultural context of the students. Her design pedagogy approach explores the cultivation of teaching and learning activities through human-centred and innovative design thinking practices.

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