HKDI in the Spotlight

International Programme

HKDI-PEEC aims to boost the design cultural exchange from different countries to Hong Kong, we collaborated with reowned international university to hold short courses for local professionals, young designers and interested public to enhance their horizon and inspire from different culture all over the world.

Swiss Inspiration:
from Design Thinking to Design Doing in the Digital Age
          - Design Thinking for Social Innovation
          - Design Thinking Challenge
          - Design Leadership: A Blueprint for Future Work
          - Digital Branding and Marketing
          - Industry 4.0: Production for Tomorrow
          - Smart Textiles
          - Trends and Future



2018 Design Thinking and Innovation Week
- Day 1 - Design and Economy
- Day 2 - Design and Identity
- Day 3 - Design and Society
- Day 4 - Design and Technology

Programme Overview Video

Interview with ZHdK and
Participants video


ECAL Master Class 2018           
- Swiss Graphic Design
- Luxury Accessories Design 
   ECAL Executive Course 2017
- Watch Design
Video by ECAL Director Alexis