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Smartphone Video Shooting for Social Media 
67118M / 1-day Workshop (6 hours)


  • Affordable & Accessible but Professional
  • Video shooting, video editing and subtitling, voice over recording, till uploading to social media, all by your smartphone
  • Professional sound recording with limited budget
  • Use smartphone and gimbal to shoot special effects
  • One-day workshop to master smartphone video shooting techniques in just 6 hours

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  • Apps for professional video recording
  • Videography introduction (sensor, resolution, aspect ratio, white balance, exposure, frame rate, framing)
  • Use of tripod and gimbal


  • Use of LED Light and Reflector
  • Interview Lighting

Sound Recording

  • Introduction of sound recording
  • Understanding microphone characteristics (directionality, mic and line level, etc)
  • Use of different types of Microphones (Lavalier microphones, wireless microphones)
  • Microphone setup for Interview


  • Use of mobile app for editing
  • Voice over recording
  • Sound Mixing (background music, volume control, etc)
  • Transition effects (3D transitions, wipes, fades, etc)
  • Add Caption and Subtitle

Interview Techniques

  • Single Camera vs Multi Camera
  • Eye Line / Repeat Question
  • Synchronization of Sound
  • Shooting of B Roll

Promotional Video Shooting Techniques

  • Use of Music
  • Editing with Rhythm and Pace
  • Video Sharing and Group Discussion

Lecturer: Dawn Cheng

Dawn Cheng, a director from Salon Films who has over 15 years of experience in producing television commercials, documentaries, corporate films and drama.  His expertise ranges from conceptual development, storyboard production, script writing, shooting and post-production, such as editing, music and sound effects. His clients include many big organizations and regional corporations. Moreover, Dawn has been the lecturer in Professional Diploma in Visual Effects Design and Microfilm Making Workshop by HKDI which received very good feedback from the students. He also has rich experience in providing private training to different corporations and organisations.


 Intake Date Discounts Deadline
 Intake 1 (Completed)  2019 Apr 13 (Sat)   2019 Mar 22 
 Intake 2 (Completed)  2019 Jun 15 (Sat)   2019 May 15 
 Intake 3 (Completed)  2019 Jul 20 (Sat)   2019 Jun 20 
 Intake 4 (Completed)  2019 Aug 17 (Sat)   2019 Jul 17 
 Intake 5 (Completed)  2019 Sep 7 (Sat)   2019 Aug 7 
 Intake 6 (Canceled) 2019 Oct 13 (Sun) 2019 Sep 13
 Intake 7 (Canceled) 2019 Nov 23 (Sat) 2019 Oct 13
 Intake 8 (Canceled) 2019 Dec 14 (Sat) 2019 Nov 14
 Intake 9 (Canceled) 2020 Jan 12 (Sun) 2019 Dec 12

Time: 10am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm (6 hours)
Venue: HKDI

Full Fee: $1,390
Early Bird (10% off): $1,250 
VTC Alumni (15% off): $1,180

Certificate of Attendance will be issued by HKDI to those who completed the one-day workshop.

Notes to Applicants
Students are required to prepare their own equipment:

  • A smartphone installed with the mobile app “KineMaster” (Free app available in both iOS and Android
  • other equipment such as gimbal, motorised camera dolly, tripod, LED light and reflects are optional.
    The lecturer will prepare one set for the class demonstration and practice.

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HKDI reserves the right to make changes to the schedule, course content and advertised course information.