Design Foundation Studies

The Department of Design Foundation Studies provides a solid foundation for the incubation and integration of arts and design experience with a focus on critical thinking, cultural sensitivity, aesthetics, social responsibility and international perspective. Staff and students foster cross-discipline theoretical, practical and contextual knowledge and skills, which transfer to the students’ life and culture through Visual Arts and Culture and the newly established Visual Design for Journalism programme. This encourages openness, celebrates diversity, embraces cultures, nurtures with passion and makes learning fun.


01 Visual Artsand Culture

Programme code DE114105

This interdisciplinary programme offers immersion in contemporary visual arts media and actively engages students with the cultural industries at large. From the conceptual to the practical, this 2-year programme provides a dynamic and vibrant environment that inspires students to experiment with ideas and develop their own artistic language to encourage originality in art creation.

The latitude of experience gained through collaboration and innovation with the arts sector deepens graduates’ understanding of visual arts, culture, curatorial projects and arts management and nurtures them to become professional arts practitioners. This programme also emphasises generic, language and communication skills training; whole-person development; and workplace experience to better prepare students for further studies and employment after graduation.

Remarks: The classes of this programme are mostly held at IVE (Morrison Hill).

Articulation to

- The Birmingham City University, UK:

- Hong Kong Baptist University: BA (Hons) in Visual Arts
- Lingnan University: BA (Hons) in Visual Studies
- The Chinese University of Hong Kong: BA (Fine Arts)
- The Education University of Hong Kong: BA (Hons) in Creative Arts and Culture
- The Hong Kong Polytechnic University: BA (Hons) in Product Design

Career prospect

Artist, art educator, art administrator, art curator, art critic/reporter/researcher, photographer/filmmaker, graphic designer/illustrator, exhibition designer, visual merchandiser, commercial/social entrepreneur