“Emerging Design Talents 2018: CHANCE” Students Showcase Creativity with an Exploration of CHANCE & CHANGE


The Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) and Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Lee Wai Lee) is holding its annual remarkable design exhibition “Emerging Design Talents 2018” from 13 to 23 June at the campus of HKDI & IVE (Lee Wai Lee). This year’s design exhibition will extend beyond campus and take place at numerous spots, allowing both the public and the design industries to appreciate the creative works from graduates and students.

 The world is rapidly changing brought by the confluence of globalisation and technological advancements. Designers have to constantly look for chances to communicate through creativity and design amidst change. HKDI & IVE (LWL) aims at providing a platform for changes to our next generation of designers through innovative programmes and a springboard to connect them with the world. A fine selection of student works from various design disciplines, including Visual Arts & Culture, Transmedia, Film & TV, Visual Communications, Fashion Design, Architectural Design, Products, Interior and Exhibition Design, Landscape Design and etc., will be displayed in four design shows and a series of creative exhibitions held during Emerging Design Talents 2018: CHANCE.

Breakthrough Designs with Great Diversities

Creations are fabulous and diverse. From fashion styles to architectural style, countless variations are possible. For instance, graduates of Higher Diploma in Fashion Image Design NG Ka-man and LUI Kam-chi were inspired by the folk-style fashion trend and created “Catastasis”, which showcases the unique art value of Tibetan drama culture. On the other hand, graduate of Higher Diploma in Landscape Architecture LAW Tsz-him made a breakthrough in ordinary architectural design by thinking out of the box. He took the nature soundscape into consideration alongside with the visual effect, and turned Shing Mun Riverside into a healing musical park.

Thought-Provoking Designs

This year’s student works are not only showcasing their unique creativity and talents, but also reflecting their concerns towards culture and youth. Five graduates of Higher Diploma in Transmedia created a microfilm “Rest·Inflexion” and launched a series of promotion through social media and concerts, so as to encourage the audience to learn more about independent music scene and development in Hong Kong. They hope more people can discover the diversity of Hong Kong music and raise their awareness thus their support towards independent music. Graduate of Higher Diploma in Visual Arts & Culture, YEUNG Yin-ting, came up with a behavioral art project “Pandora’s Traps” upon seeing how privacy is disclosed under technological development. In her project, photos of participants will be shredded into pieces and an old-fashioned TV will display how the artist put all the shredded pieces back together, to portray the situation of network surveillance in nowadays’ society.

A Trip to Evoke Inspirations

Following the “Elite Students Campaign” in previous years, HKDI has selected 12 students to participate a tailor-made overseas learning programme, so they can enrich their graduation projects with a lot of innovative design ideas. Three students of Higher Diploma in Film & TV went to Taiwan with their programme instructors. Other than participating in the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, they also attended movie forum which invited new directors from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as experienced filmmakers Sylvia Chang Ai-chia, Eric Tsang Chi-wai, Teddy Robin and more. Students had the chance to understand the challenges faced by new directors and took a closer look to the movie world in the 1980s. This experience has helped the students in creating distinctive movie plots, which will be displayed in this annual design show. One of them is 《早Band時代, a movie about four young men choosing the path of singing Cantonese songs in the 1960s to show support to Cantonese culture.


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