Exhibition on Sustainable Living and Textile


Exhibition on Sustainable Living and Textile

Wheel Weaving Art Collaboration  

Upcycling is a process converting waste materials or used products into new items of higher quality and utility. In this collaborative workshop, the designer further extends the notion of upcycling to art creation through engaging a group of design students in the reflection and creation of an upcycled installation. The local artist introduces a hand-weaving technique to fabricate damaged bike wheels with used or off-seasoned clothing. The participation in transforming something from "useless" into a new form of art instills a sense of respect and aesthetic appreciation into our everyday surroundings, drawing new inspirations to the relationship between upcycled design and everyday aesthetics in our contemporary era. The project is sponsored by Joyce Boutique

Date: 1-21 December 2017 
Venue: Tiu Keng Leng Public Library


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