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The Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) is a leading design institution under the VTC Group. It provides high-quality education to cultivate knowledge and professionalism, and produces emerging talents who underpin the creative industries in Hong Kong.

With years of experience in design education, HKDI brings together the strengths of four design departments – Architecture, Interior and Product Design, Communication Design and Digital Media, Design Foundation Studies and Fashion and Image Design – to offer 20 design programmes. Highly flexible in articulation and advanced education, HKDI offer students a three-year university degree pathway from a Higher Diploma to Bachelor degrees offered by reputable universities in the UK.

HKDI adopts a “think-and-do” approach through its contemporary curriculum and active collaborations with local and international academic and industry partners. Students are given opportunities to acquire hands-on experience and participate in global exchange programmes to expand their horizons while enhancing their creative thinking and social sensitivity.

Professional Membership

Professional Organisations:


International Council of Design


International Design Alliance


International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes


International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers


International Institute of Information Design


The Design Alliance Asia


World Design Organization

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International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media

Research Organisation:

DESIS Network

Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability

Design ED Asia

Asian Design Education

Message from
VTC Executive Director

Welcome to the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) website. As a leading provider of design education in the region, the HKDI is committed to offering excellent learning opportunities to keep pace with the growing demand of the creative industries.

A Dynamic Learning Environment

The HKDI commenced the 2010/11 academic year in its award-winning new campus in Tiu Keng Leng. The campus is dedicated to providing the most dynamic learning environment for quality design education.

Creativity in Action

The HKDI’s comprehensive design programmes include activities to nurture your creative thinking and decision-making skills, cultural sensitivity and global perspective. The HKDI experience is based on a “think-and-do” approach that will allow you to develop your passion for design while imparting the skills and knowledge needed for success.

Quality Programmes and Student Support

Our curriculum is designed with input from industry leaders to ensure its relevance and responsiveness to industry developments. HKDI programmes are quality assured by the Hong Kong Council for the Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications.

Our students and alumni are provided with career development advisory and support services. Through articulation arrangements with renowned overseas universities, HKDI Higher Diploma graduates can pursue Top-up Degree courses locally and attain degree qualifications within one or two years.

A Valued Choice to Success

Design can offer you a rewarding and fulfilling career. We look forward to having you as a member of the HKDI family.

Mrs Carrie Yau, GBS, JP

Executive Director
Vocational Training Council

Design Concept

The HKDI campus is designed to provide an open and dynamic environment conducive to learning and innovative exploration. It is equipped with state-of-the-art workshops, galleries, fabrication facilities and a learning resources centre dedicated to creating the most dynamic learning environment for quality design education in the region.

Themed as the White Sheet, the campus design by French architects Coldéfy & Associés was the award-winning project in the HKDI International Architectural Design Competition in 2006/2007.

The White Sheet is a metaphorical presentation of creativity. It floats in the air and connects all other parts of the campus, expressing HKDI’s multidisciplinarity and objectives. The radical, light and transparent architectural design encourages reflection on the combination of multiple and opposite situations, allowing each functional element to be read immediately from the exterior.

The entire composition, created by interpenetration between the interlinked elements, including the building base, the podium, the “sky city”, the towers and the landscaped roof, defines the Institute as a timeless building and reveals its objectives of promoting synergy, publicity and interactivity. Its enlightening design stimulates and inspires future designers.

Education Facilities

HKDI houses over a hundred workshops and studios to cater for design students’ needs across disciplines. Four knowledge centres also advocate cross-disciplinary design education and encourage students’ participation in innovative and social research projects to push forward their design thinking.

Centre for Independent Language Learning (CILL)

The Centre for Independent Language Learning creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for students to improve their language skills. It provides independent learning materials such as CD-ROMs, DVDs, books, magazines and board games, together with a flexible setting for hosting activities ranging from workshops and parties to performances and competitions.

Media Lab

The Media Lab nurtures and enhances the integration of innovative ideas and media technologies, as well as interactions between education, applied research, professional training and industry application.

Centre for Innovative Material and Technology (CIMT)

CIMT is a comprehensive material archive and interactive learning platform designed to facilitate the exchange of material knowledge and associated applications amongst students, faculty, designers and manufacturers.

Learning Resources Centre (LRC)

Far more than just a library, the Learning Resources Centre houses over 75,000 books, periodicals and audio-visual materials, and is a place of reflection and interaction where students are encouraged to openly discuss what they have been learning. Zone 24, a dedicated area supported by the Learning Resources Centre, is an always-open area where students can study, hold discussions and collaborate on projects.

Fashion Archive

The HKDI Fashion Archive supports the use of real fashion products as teaching and learning tools, boasting a newly renovated 360 square metre space that houses around 1,500 historical fashion items. Visitors can access the iconoclastic fashion items to understand the design, culture and history behind them via the interactive platform made available by the HKDI Fashion Archive.

Sport Facilities

Swimming Pool

Opens every Tuesday to Sunday between April to October.
Charging Session for Public:
Tue – Fri | 1800 – 2100
Sat, Sun, Public Holidays | 0800 – 1100; 1300 – 1600; 1800 – 2100
Admission Fee: Adult at HK$20 | Children under 12 or senior citizens above 60 at HK$10
Enquiry: 3928 2222 / 3928 2000 (office hours) 3928 2999 (non-office hours and in case of adverse weather)

Basketball Court

Charging Session for Public:
Mon – Fri | 1900 – 2100
Sat | 1300 – 2100
Sun and Public Holidays | 0900 – 2100
Hire Charges: HK$80 per hour
Enquiry: 3928 2222 / 3928 2000 (office hours) 3928 2999 (non-office hours and in case of adverse weather)

Badminton Court (Multi-purpose Hall)

Charging Session for Public:
Sat | 1400 – 1800
Sun | 0900 – 1800
Hire Charges: HK$90 per hour
Enquiry: 3928 2222 / 3928 2000 (office hours) 3928 2999 (non-office hours and in case of adverse weather)

Tennis Court

Charging Session for External Bodies:
Sat | 1200 – 1800
Sun | 0900 – 1800
Hire Charges: HK$50 per hour
Enquiry: 3928 2222 / 3928 2000 (office hours) 3928 2999 (non-office hours and in case of adverse weather)

Other Venues

To facilitate students’ learning process and provide an all-inclusive environment for full experience, an array of venues is equipped in HKDI where students can get hands-on skills and knowledge from a professional setting, and from others teaching and learning events hosted in these venues, such as lectures and exhibitions. During non-teaching period, these venues are also available for hosting education related events.

VTC Auditorium

The VTC Auditorium accommodates over 700 people, with specially designed acoustics to enhance performances, conferences and other gatherings. This 963 square metre venue with disabled access is a focal point of HKDI’s interactions with the community.

Experience Centre

Experience Centre is a convertible area with up to 170 sqm for mini events or exhibitions.

HKDI Gallery

The HKDI Gallery provides up to 600 square metres of exhibition space to showcase the breadth of design generated by and associated with HKDI. Open to the public, the venue will host exhibition, trade- and industry-related events and displays of student work.

Design Boulevard

Completing the Podium, the Design Boulevard invites the public into the campus. Stretching over 125 m, this open area offers access to the auditorium, exhibition spaces and common facilities. Conceived as a “breathing space” for the campus, the Design Boulevard evokes the feeling of a party culture, with space for student activities and the interaction of creative minds.


d-mart provides a 1,040 square metre venue for showcasing the breadth of design generated by or associated with HKDI. Open to the public, the venue hosts exhibition, trade- and industry-related events and displays of student work.

Multi-purpose Hall

Multi-purpose hall is a convertible venue on the ground floor of Hong Kong Design Institute with an area of 338.6 square metres. It is primarily used for institute’s teaching and learning purpose, and it also serves various types of seminars and workshops.

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Secondary school students can participate in a tailor-made schedule of activities to give them a better understanding of design education at HKDI and possible careers in the design industry.

Campus Tour

Guided campus tours allow students to experience the atmosphere in this educational environment and learn more about the campus. Visiting students are shown the campus facilities, including the Learning Resources Centre and Knowledge Centres, the workshops and studios of different design departments, showcase displays and seasonal exhibitions in collaboration with international partners.

Each tour for 20-25 students accompanied by at least one teacher or staff member lasts 45 minutes. A tailor-made itinerary highlighting particular workshops or design programmes can be arranged with at least 3 weeks’ notice.

Taster Programme

Each design department provides a unique taster programme for students to gain a taste of learning at HKDI, with a focus on different design processes. Communication Design and Digital Media introduces 3D printing or 360° video shooting; Design Foundation Studies demonstrates how to create art using everyday electronic devices; Fashion and Image Design lets students experience the fashion, image and brand design process; while Architecture, Interior and Product Design teaches students about interior and exterior product design using 3D spatial design knowledge.

Each taster programme for 18-25 students accompanied by at least one teacher or staff member lasts around 1.5 hours. Applications should be made one month in advance and activities are subject to workshop availability.

Career Talks

In these career talks, HKDI lecturers provide programme information and admission requirements and discuss career prospects in the design industry. Describing current student projects and industry collaborations, lecturers also share fun and interesting teaching methods and knowledge exchange programmes.

Interested schools are advised to indicate the academic programmes in which they are interested. Each talk lasts 45-60 minutes, subject to further negotiation. HKDI student work can be showcased, depending on availability.

Alumni Sharing

Outstanding alumni who have received academic and industry recognition participate in sharing and Q&A sessions with secondary school students. Through this interaction, students learn about the educational environment at HKDI, career prospects and solutions to career planning from experienced graduates not much older than themselves.

Interested schools are advised to indicate the academic programmes in which they are interested. Each sharing session of 40 minutes is followed by an open Q&A session. A maximum of two alumni can attend each activity. A moderator from the secondary school should lead the students in asking related and effective questions.

Interested teachers should fill out the form below and submit it three weeks before the proposed visit. Please read the Notes to Applicants carefully before submitting your application.

Guided Tour Application Form

Welcome to visit our campus and facilities to learn more about our latest programmes and services. Please read carefully the Notes to Applicants before submitting this application. Please submit the completed application form three weeks in advance of the proposed date of visit. (Email: eao-dilwl@vtc.edu.hk) A confirmation email will be sent to you within seven working days upon receiving your submission.

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(Please read these service provisions carefully before submitting an application.)

  1. Application should be submitted at least three weeks in advance of the proposed day of visit. (Email : eao-dilwl@vtc.edu.hk)
  2. Members of public are welcome to visit HKDI and IVE (Lee Wai Lee) campus, while guided campus tours are generally offered to schools, academic institutions, organizations and industries only. Prospective students and industrial partners will get to learn more about campus facilities, programmes, student life, academic and industrial collaboration as well as the institute’s development.
  3. Please specify the grade(s) or level(s) of study of the students for school visits, e.g. S5, S6.
  4. Applicants are required to provide the list of visitors and/or supporting document(s) with their applications.
  5. Please do not resubmit an application if it has already been successfully submitted.
  6. Campus Visit will not be available on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
  7. Campus Visit will be cancelled if Amber Rainstorm Signal or Typhoon Signal No. 3 is hoisted.
  8. The personal data provided will be used by HKDI & IVE (Lee Wai Lee) to process the visit application and for related internal reporting purposes.
  9. HKDI & IVE (Lee Wai Lee) will acknowledge via email receipt of your application and notify you of the result. If you do not hear from us seven working days after submitting an application and all the required document(s), please contact our External Affairs Office on (852) 3928 2561 or email us at eao-dilwl@vtc.edu.hk.
  10. HKDI & IVE (Lee Wai Lee) reserves the right to consider applications at its sole discretion. If any information provided by the applicant is found to be untrue, HKDI & IVE (Lee Wai Lee) may reject the application or withdraw any approval given.
  11. In case of cancellation of campus visit, the applicant should inform the EAO staff in charge in writing at least two working days before the proposed date of visit.

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