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HKDI Centre of Innovative Material and Technology (CIMT)

Welcome to the World of Innovative Materials

HKDI Centre of Innovative Material and Technology (CIMT) is established as a comprehensive material archive and interactive learning platform to facilitate the exchange of material knowledge and associated applications amongst students, faculty, designers and manufacturers. The objective of CIMT is to connect the material industry and the world of design, stimulate new ideas, research and developments, cross-disciplinary projects, thereby inspiring the designs of tomorrow through the materials of today. Its collection ranges from the latest innovative, cross-industry materials from global suppliers, various manufacturing processes and inspired end products.

The Grand Opening of CIMT is scheduled on 7 April 2017. From now until 30 April 2017, a series of events will be rolled out in celebration of the Grand Opening. These include themed exhibitions featuring the latest technology and material applications, seminars and workshops conducted by renowned artists, designers and media experts, open to participation by students, academics, industry and the general public.

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Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10am – 6pm