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BSc (Hons) Music Technology

Registration Number (Non-Local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance): 252664

This programme will give you the skills, knowledge and techniques you will need to become involved in the creation and recording of music and audio. The programme is designed to reflect the range of areas that make up the subject of music technology and the wide range of jobs that may be available to you once you have completed your studies.

You will learn about the tools and techniques commonly used in music technology for application in areas such as live concert sound production, electronic music composition, and multimedia and game audio programming. The programme has a strong sense of its position within the music business environment and you will study organisations within the music industry that will give you a greater understanding of the business context for music technology and will help you to manage your career more effectively.

Through a research project, you will get the opportunity to concentrate on a chosen subject area, according to your scholarly interest or career aspiration and develop, design and implement industry-challenging ideas and practices. You will also get the chance to work on film sound and game audio projects that help you build up a high-quality portfolio that you can show to employers. Moreover, you will build up your skills and knowledge of sound engineering practice in a live context where you can experience working in theatres and other performance venues.

Through the Music Technology degree, therefore you will gain a wide-ranging experience that will provide an excellent preparation for the many different types of work you can expect to encounter in the music and wider creative industries. This preparation is supplemented with modules that specifically prepare you for work in industry by looking at music business practices and developing yourself as a practitioner.

The programme is for you if you have an interest and background in both music and in science and technology and hope to pursue a career in creative practice using music and sound and its technical realisation.

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