HKDI in the Spotlight

Nam Tsang & Pauline Yuen
Graduate of Higher Diploma in Fashion Design and Development

Nam Tsang and Pauline Yuen graduated from HKDI with a Higher Diploma in Fashion Design and Development in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Both of them completed the top-up degree BA (Hons) Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University thereafter.

After several years of working at fashion companies and travelling around Europe, Nam and Pauline shared the fashion philosophy to sustain traditional craftsmanship. To explore the artistic handicraft elements, innovative forms and silhouettes, they established their own fashion team A Tentative Atelier in 2012. Having presented at Paris Fashion Week since 2013, each of their collection portrays a contemporary sense of luxury with a unisex, timeless look. A Tentative Atelier clothing is crafted from lavish, natural fabrics to maintain a raw and ageless quality. Suitable for both masculine and feminine wardrobes, each piece is characterised by a sophisticated and easy to style wearability. Collaborating with different boutiques in over 10 countries, their collection is now retailed at Layers (UK), IF New York (USA), H Lorenzo (USA), KOKKO (Canada), OUKAN (Germany), LEFORM (Russia) and ink (Hong Kong) etc.

In 2014, Pauline clinched an Italy Vogue Talent Award with a scholarship to study a master’sprogramme at Domus Academy in Italy. In 2015, Nam won the Perspective 40 under 40 Design Award. Both awards recognised their outstanding effort and significant progression in their fashion design journey.