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Jewellery Design - Creative Wax Carving and Stone Setting 

Lecture by award-winning jeweller Cally Lam

Suitable to those who are interested in hand-made jewellery design


Big international brands such as Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels still produce wax carving by jewellery masters. The lost wax casting has been used in jewellery for centuries. It has a predominate hand-made feel which is differ to computer generated wax models.

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This course will develop your jewellery wax carving skills and extend it with carving the claws/wall mounts for stone setting. Lecturer will teach and demonstrate the skills and tools according to students level and experience, no matter beginners or intermediates, they are encourage to develop their designs during the workshop and working towards independent projects. Once skills are learned, students can work with soft wax carving or hard wax & sculpting to set jade, pearls or gemstones to enhance their beautiful jewellery. For those experienced students, they can also prepare new designs for Channel setting for a series of gemstones.
Why choosing Wax Craving at HKDI?
1.       For beginners - Lecturer will first demonstrate how to transfer your designs from paper onto jewellery wax
2.       For intermediates - Lecturer will demonstrate how to create the wax model with claw & bezel mounts for rings/pendants
3.       Students will need to proceed with their design and practise using various tools
4.       By the end the day, students should finish at least one to two wax models for casting (students are required to take their wax models to outside casting company)
5.       Students must take back their silver casting and work in the class with metal tools to polish and finish the final products
6.       Intermediate students are required to prepare the metal for setting by the guidance of lecturer
7.       Lecturer will demonstrate the use of different tools for claw setting and bezel setting, i.e. needle file, bearing cutter, snipe-nose pliers, pusher, graver, burrs, beading tools, burnisher, and polishing paper and wheels to complete the jewellery setting to a final product
8.       The lecturer will also demonstrate the application of cold enamelling on silver designs. ( Cold enamel resin to be purchased by students)
9.       Introduction to specific tools and different types of soft wax; learn the fundamental techniques in wax carving
10.      Practise with the specific tools and wax; acquire newer techniques for wax design
11.       Learn to use polishing tools for silver/gold jewellery
12.      Learn to use stone setting tools; acquire the jewellery gemstone setting techniques for jade, pearls, rough or faceted gemstones
13.      Learn to use pusher tool for gemstone setting
Date: 2018 Aug 18, 25, Sep 1, 8
Time: Sat, 1-6pm
Duration: 4 lessons; 20 hours
Venue: HKDI Jewellery Workshop
Course Fee:               HK$3,800
Early Bird 10% off:      HK$3,420 (deadline: 2018 Jun 18)

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About the Lecturer: Cally Lam
Cally trained in Hong Kong and U.K. as a jewellery practice designer and artist for over a decade. She has been designing and making her distinctive award-winning jewellery which is featured in Hong Kong publications and exhibiting in international jewellery trade shows in Hong Kong and U.K. Her signature abstract Chinese philosophy design works are sold to collectors in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and U.K.

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Students have to prepare the materials (e.g. jewellery wax, finger protection gloves, etc) for the classes.

Attendance Certificate
Students will be issued an Attendance Certificate if their attendance reaches 70% or above.

 【真 ● 珠寶設計及製作】 你都可以做得到!


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