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HKDI collaborates with BIMCAP to offer the BIM Professional Course. We are glad to have The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA), Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES) and Autodesk being our supporting organisations.  Members of supporting organisations, VTC staff and alumni are entitled to enjoy 15% off of the course fee.

・BIM can save 20-50% of the original budget for the same architectural project
・BIM can save 20-50% of the time for the same architectural project
・BIM is very advantageous for better sustainability and carbon footprint
・BIM improves collaboration and facility management

Our BIM courses differ from other institutions because we are not focusing on one software itself. We are looking at it from a much wider point of view, incorporating not only the software aspect of BIM but looking at the bigger picture of how BIM affects and evolves the construction industry. We understand that this industry is as diverse in how it works as it is ever changing its construction methods. We look at topics where project disciplines cross over such as ever increasing cases of Revit and ArchiCAD software working together, how can we manage that process and successfully deliver an architectural project using various platforms. In this day and age, we cannot segregate, and we must teach design practitioners how to adapt and collaborate with not only one type of software and methodology but anyone and everyone.

WHO should take this course?
Suitable to architects, engineers, interior designers, drafting technicians and those who are required to apply BIM in their jobs.

    BIM Professional Course (90 hours) 67084M

Intake 3 (2018/Apr)

M1: BIM Theory and Principle
       Dates: 2018 Apr 10, 13, 17, 20, 24, 27, May 4, 25, 29, Jun 12

  - Introduction of BIM and its application in
  the industry
- Application, current methods and level of
  the industry at local and international
- BIM Coordinator Role
- BIM Implementation
- Cost
- Hardware and Set up
- Software and Uses

M2: Autodesk Revit Architecture Fundamentals
       Dates: 2018 Jun 15, 19, 22, 26, Jul 3, 6, 10, 13, 17, 20

- Users Interface
- Things You Must Do
- Column Grids
- Walls
- Doors and Windows
- Views
- Floors
- Roofs
- Ceilings
- Casework
- Stairs
- Topography
- Rooms
- Rendering
- Graphics
- Detailing
- Modify Tools
- Printing and Exporting
- Linking Files

M3: Autodesk Revit Architecture Advanced
       Dates: 2018 Jul 27, 31, Aug 3, 7, 10, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28

- Introduction to advanced techniques
  using Revit Architecture STRX / MEP
- Defining Families and Parameters
- Setting Up Annotation Standards
- Starting the Project
- Linking Revit Files
- Phasing
- View Management
- Site Tools
- Massing Study
- Walls
- Curtain Walls
- Floors
- Stairs
- Ramps
- Railings
- Roofs
- Ceilings
- Grouping
- Parts
- Assemblies
- Areas and Rooms
- Scheduling
- Detailing
- Presentations
- Sharing your Work


Time: Tue & Fri (7-10pm) 
Venue: BIMCAP (Central) or IVE(Morrison Hill) (Wanchai)


  Standard Fee Early Bird
(10% Off)
VTC staff and alumni / Members of Supporting Organisation (15% Off) Deadline of
all discounts
  HK$17,100 HK$15,390 HK$14,535 10 Mar 2018

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Co-organiser: BIMCAP
BIMCAP, an international outsourcing company for BIM services. There are over 100+ licensed architects and engineers in Europe and Asia work on BIM-models in all design disciplines. BIMCAP closely collaborate with their international partner network and their offices ar in Netherlands, Hungary and Hong Kong. Currently, they also work on the projects on in Hong Kong such as M+ Museum.

Danny Yang Martinez, Managing Director, BIMCAP Ltd.
Danny, Spanish Architect from UK, is the Managing Director of BIMCAP. 10 years experience in architecture in the UK, Middle East and Asia, specialization in the implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, Computer Generated Images (CGI) and Animation for all phases of a building or facility construction project. Interested in clients who would like to implement this technology into their projects and help the building industry shift from the traditional 2D work-flow to BIM platform.

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