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Radio 708

Mission Statement

Produced on the HKDI/IVE(LWL) campus, Radio 708 is a collaboration among students from many different areas of study. It has also been a joint effort supported by several departments. The Language Centre, Department of Information Technology and the Technical Support Unit have all come together to help make this project a success. It is a platform for our students to share their passion and expertise in a fun way. It is student oriented. Our students are responsible for all production duties, including content development, recording and sound editing.

The name “Radio 708” speaks to the unique role the Centre for Independent Language Learning (C.I.L.L.), located in room B708, plays here at HKDI/IVE(LWL). Radio 708 was envisioned as an extension of this space, where any interested student can feel comfortable sharing with and learning from their classmates, while gaining valuable trade-specific experience, improving their confidence and language skills, and having fun. Please contact Kent Foran at or William Lai at if you have any questions or would like to get involved.