HKDI in the Spotlight


Apparel Cluster
The apparel cluster is equipped with fashion trade-specific equipment and facilities in specialist laboratories, make-up and hair salons, design and textile studios and technical and manufacturing workshops to facilitate learning and teaching and nurture students' creativity in a practical work-based context.

Audio & Visual Cluster
The AV cluster is fully equipped with high-definition video equipment from camera-shooting to post-production to screening. AV workshops cover film, television, animation, music and sound. The Michael Kao Digital Animation Centre is a purpose-built centre that supports the development of digital animation.

Graphics Cluster
The graphics cluster comprises a photographic studio, packaging studio, dark room, printing lab, screen printing and drawing studio. It also provides technical support for image digitalising, colour outputting and image reproduction, with an emphasis on providing a one-stop graphic production support facility for the creative and visual arts.

Model Cluster
The model cluster provides a range of technical support from traditional workshops, including wood, metal, fabric and plastic, to advanced technologies such as laser cutting, CNC machining and rapid prototyping.

Multimedia Technology Cluster
The multimedia cluster offers a quality teaching and learning environment with advanced multimedia and entertainment technology and sophisticated industrial equipment in the areas of multimedia design, visual-audio entertainment technology, game design, interactive exhibition design, interactive web application and development.