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Professional Certificate in Typography Every Designer Should Know
65030C / 90hrs

Typography is an important element that affects the audience’s perception and understanding of a message. This course aims to familiarize designers with the use of type in both the design and business environments, and is appropriate for those who work in graphic, product, packaging, exhibition, publishing, product, signage and interior design.
The course aims to provide professionals from diverse disciplines with aesthetic and functional aspects of typographic form, visual organization, and interface between word and meaning. It also develops their observation, analytical and problem solving skills in designing with typography in a wide range of communicative items and environments.

DDP4106Y –Typography Form and Aesthetics (30hrs)
DDP4076Y – Informative Design (30hrs)
DDP4107Y – Word and Image (30hrs)

Full Course HK$12,300 (90hrs)
Single Module HK$ 4,500 (30hrs)

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* The minimum attendance requirement is 70%.

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